Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Looking a little threadbare and having lost some stuffing and ....... his squeak! ( much like his owner of the past 54 years) above is my best friend.... my Teddy Bear. He is not a pedigree bear ( no Steiff is he), just a mongrel with no special buttons or markings..... but still much loved. He was a gift at my first Monmouthshire Police Christmas Party when I was around 6 months old. Over the years he has been forced to reside in cupboards and drawers since his early fluffy days when he went everywhere with his new young owner.
However he has now returned to his former life, he is the silent person who has to put up with my present ramblings, it is probably fortuitous that he has lost his squeak and is unable to protest. He puts up with sharing a bed again with me much as he did half a century ago ( Oooooh that sounds so long ago when put like that!), he has lost non of his opened eyed friendliness and shows this by how much he has been loved along the way.
He is presently lying around awaiting the end of another day in The Hague when once again he will hear the familiar tones of 'Sailing by' followed by 'The Shipping Forecast' and National Anthem on BBC Radio 4

Goodnight everyon, goodnight.

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