Thursday, January 19, 2012


My favourite image from 2011..... taken in the old still intact, in situ concrete roof in the world, at midday with the sunshine sreaming in through a natural opening as it has done since 27BC ( for over 2039 years) is of course  The Pantheon.
It was back in mid August that Deb and I spent 4 days in the 'Eternal City' on a short break from the weather in northern Europe. It was fantastic to feel the warmth of an Italian summer day on our backs, the city was new to both of us, getting around by public transport was a challenge however it is a 'must' visit due to its enormous historic importance, so much of which is still above ground, the jewel in the crown some think of as The Colosseum which is of course breathtaking, The Trevi fountain is of course romantic, and The Vatican a great religious centre... but for me The Pantheon is both fascinating in its historic and religious significance, and as a result is number one.

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