Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank You

A big thank you to all readers of this blog as today at 21.58 the hit counter registered 20,000 hits since I started. Interestingly looking at the blog stats the most popular post by a very long way was a post on the Asus Eeepc mini netbook from April 8 2008, which is quite apt as I still have a soft spot for the Linux based net-book, and indeed I still own two of the devices (700 and 901) and the 4GB version bought then indeed saw Laura through her A Levels and has just become the property of my 4 year old granddaughter it is currently undergoing an Ubuntu overhaul and having some pre-school programmes installed by a colleague .
When I began the blog I had no real plan or idea where it would go, it began as those who have a long memory will attest as the outlet for tech and Web 2.0 discoveries that one excited if slightly aged primary school teacher was finding and sharing with his growing group of global friends.

As the map above shows there still remains a strong global audience and I hope that what is posted here has relevance even though the teacher has left the classroom possibly for good and the nature of the posts has somewhat changed.

It proves if nothing else that this new technology revolution is certainly a 'grass-roots' one as I would hardly call myself tech mainstream, I hope though to remain relevant.
It is possible that the blog may move to a new Wordpress home soon, I hope that you will come with me on the rest of this great adventure.

Thank You

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