Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Asus EeePC Mini notebook

Having seen the Asus Eeepc in action at BETT08 in January, I have finally ( a bit late as James Forbes-Keir here at the IB had on a delivered a few days later!)taken the plunge and bought the Eeepc for my daughter to use at home and in school- it actually has now appeared on the shelves of our local IT store ( Curry's Digital) at a fairly reasonable price for the 4G version of £249.00.
Laura uses Google Docs/Spreadsheets to save work at school and at home and now has her own small laptop to keep updated on ( important in her AS year in school), in addition of course to the obligatory social networking that all teenagers are involved in ( at least this old foggey has some idea of what his kids are up to!!!).
See an excellent down to earth ( and British) review of the mini-notebook below.

First impressions are very encouraging - I have managed to borrow it on a few occasions and found it fast and efficient ( the Linux operating system fires up really quickly) and it manages easily to find our wirelss network even though it's 2 floors up from the router. The new addition has its first day in school today when Laura returns after the Easter break to continue her 6th Form studies...... more news to follow.
Thanks also for support in the cause of the Asus and its Linux Kernel from my colleague and well known tech genius James FK .

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Brennig said...

Dear Mr H,

Have you seen the Elonex One?

It doesn't look a bad piece of kit for £99.



Mr Harrington said...

Hi Brennig,
Yup we have looked at the Elonex - don't really like all of the functionality built into the sides of the screen rather than the base... we will see when it appears. It is great at last to have laptops which are affordable for students.


Anonymous said...

They look pretty robust as well. Will fit in my handbag.


Jo McLeay said...

Hey Paul, I'm travelling in the UK at the moment and I have brought aalong the ASUS eee pc and found it a delight. As you say it is quick and the small size is a real advantage when lugging backpacks around. Connects easily to the internet wherever I am. Glad you have had a go at one.

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