Friday, April 23, 2010

iPad, WePad, HP Slate and Archos 9 ( keep taking the Tablets!)

The iPad has emerged I would say with a great deal of trumpeting and flag waving but not much to back it up as yet. Typical of many Apple initial products it appears again to have come out of the oven 'half baked' for example with no camera or USB connectivity - the kind of connectivity that has become standard even on the simplest netbook.

It appears that 'Apple Air syndrome' has struck again.
There are of course many other tablets in the market many of which pre-dated the iPad and most of which quite frankly also lack any 'game changing' functionality.

However following an article from Engadget April 12th on the emergence finally of the (1) WePad from Neofonie in Germany. A quiet entry into the world of tablets, I did not hear many trumpets or see flags - but there surely should have been for this product!
You can see the WePad in action at the WePad channel on Youtube
Check out the WePad v iPad specs at their site it shows webcam, usb, sim card, multicard reader and audio out... yay at last, a game changer!
Apple you have I believe met your match, I for one can't wait to get my hands on a WePad and look forward very much to demonstrating one when they become available in the UK.

(2) Next is the HP Slate

(3) The Archos 9

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