Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Have you recently had the need to save a large file ( up to 2GB free!) in order to share it with others or to have it somewhere where you can access it on multiple machines including your smart phone?
If so why not give Dropbox a try, it even has an iPhone and Android app making you truly mobile. Other storage spaces such as Box.net offer 1GB but with crucially a 25MB file size limitation, whereas Dropbox offers unlimited upload up to your 2GB limit - check out the features here

Many thanks to @willfinch for the heads up on Dropbox.com


Allanah King said...

I have 5GB of storage now because I was able to refer people- the referrals = more storage.

Drop Box Tutorial

One of the best things is you can use the Public box to let others download large media file individually or to your blog.

Mr Harrington said...

Hi Allanah thanks for that insightful response - now we know referrals equal additional storage :-)

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