Friday, June 08, 2007

** An update on Flixn in school, I tried it out today - Good News the site is not blocked (yay)- Bad News Flixn can't locate my webcam!!!! - this is probably a port question and will need a visit from the tech people to see if it can be overcome!!!

I was very impressed the see that Kathy Cassidy's Kinder Kids in Moose Jaw Canada, had found my post and tried Flixn out today in their class ( the flat world - classes without walls in action again.

Oh bother - I blogged when I said that I was grounded!!!!!!!!!!!! ( shh!! don't tell anyone - they'll never know).
Check out Joe Dale's 'Integrating MFL into the Classroom' blog where he has tried out flixn and can see its educational potential, particulalry in language teaching.


Anonymous said...

You'll have to blog whisper much more quietly ... we heard that from half a world away in New Zealand ... gotta love Kathy's class talking about blogging... Voyagers LOVED seeing their faces!
Jody Hayes

Mr Harrington said...

Thanks Voyagers - a small pebble in the pond can cause such ripples !!

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