Sunday, June 17, 2007

While trawling the internet this evening and having left some comments on Roger Distill's pupil blogs, this nifty 'FREE' product was briefly reviewed on the site and here it is...

"...FauxTo brings to our desktop an excellent mini Photoshop with Web 2.0 technology! I am not a Photoshop user, preferring Serif PhotoPlus, but I am told that Fauxto is very akin to Photoshop, although much lighter, of course. Nonetheless, it sports a good range of tools, filters, effects and so on, and even works with layers. I can't imagine students with ordinary everyday photo-retouching requirements needing anything more than this - and it's free!

Images can be loaded from your computer drives, from your Fauxto account, or from any URL (there's a copyright issue here, about which students should be taught!), and saved back to your account or your computer. As you might expect, they can be shared across the Internet, too. A really neat application!

Imagine your students' computer desktops adorned with shortcuts to the likes of Fauxto, Google Reader, the Zoho suite, SplashCast, Picnik, Flickr,

Posted by the ict-grump Friday 15th June 2007 "

This looks to be a neat product to give a go to - posted by Roger Distill alias The ICT-Grump! Roger is also to be found in the Ning Social Networking area.

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