Wednesday, June 20, 2007

**A request for help from the blogosphere from Draig-Goch !!!**

I am running a MacBook with the Intel Core Duo chipset and Mac OS X. I have Audacity loaded onto the Mac as it is my prefered mode of podcasting.
My problem is I have tried a few times now to download the LAME encoder for Audacity ( yup I know that there is one for Mac running intel chip!). In the read me file it suggests that the file has to be amended. This sadly is where my tech brain turns to scrambled egg ( first sign of trouble and - I'm off !!!)....
I have tried a number of times to associate my Audacity with the LAME file - to no avail, all lame options are greyed out so un-openable when I search.... there must be someone out there who has had this problem and can help me to sort it out ????
I am not proud I don't mind asking for help when I need it ( I am lost this time !), so do help if you have come across this before..... many thanks in advance

Ddraig-Goch !!! a very tired Welsh Dragon who really should be in bed by now : )

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