Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On the afternoon of Wednesday 27th June at 3pm a certain Mr E McIntosh will be giving a Seminar at the Glamorgan Business School on the campus of University of Glamorgan, on the use of Social Media in Further and Higher Education... And guess who will be going to hear Ewan's words - yes yours truly Ddraig-Goch.

It is very fortunate that for me Wednesday afternoon is my Planning, Preparation and Assessment time, and with a little bit of good will and timetable juggling ( thank you very much to my Y3 colleague who is helping out for 30 minutes ), I find myself free to travel up to Treforest to listen to Ewan speak live for the first time.

I must say now that when I began blogging and podcasting well over 15 months ago it was Ewan who I went to, following my calls around Wales for other like minded Web 2.0 users in education. (and getting little or no response!!!).
Ewan was very helpful giving excellent advice and support, as he does for anyone who is weird enough to travel this path of ours, into blogging podcasting and wiki-crafting. Thanks to Ewan I stuck with it, began trying out different Web 2.0 tools in school and the rest as they say is history.

I was giving a seminar myself on Podcasting in Primary and Secondary Education at the WITS 07 conference at Ty Dysgu, in Nantgarw on Friday of last week ( where I has Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Allanah King and Jane Nicholls skype in to talk to my audience - thank you ladies very much). When I met Ian Morgan from NGFLCymru who told me of Ewan's visit this coming week ( he also kindly e-mailed me the details )...... as you can imagine when I got home after a hectic but excellent day, I filled in my registration and fired it off to the University at great speed.

It will be interesting to see/ hear and perhaps meet Ewan after all this time in 1st Life!!!!

This year has been good for me in that I have been able to speak globally to many colleagues, however it is only recently that I have actually managed 1st life contacts with people such as Joe Dale ( Integrating MFL into my Classroom ) and Chris Fuller ( Edgehill College Spanish Podcasts). I look forward to being able to more friends in the 'real world' as well as virtually.

Look out for a report and photos to follow later....

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Anonymous said...

Give Ewan my regards and tell him I'll meet him in Auckland in October at ULearn in NZ.


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