Saturday, June 23, 2007

** Tiny Ted is safe and well .... in Birmingham, Alabama.. **

For those followers of Cefn Fforest Primary School's roaming geocaching bear Tiny Ted's latest travels the past few weeks have been a bit of a worry as Ted has been out of communication, and has not posted any pictures.... we have all been worried! Especially some teachers at The Oaks Pupil Referal Unit, in England!! who Mr Harrington met recently in Nottingham at an E-Twinning Conference and of course, many many pupils and teachers in New Zealand, as well as his original family here in Wales

However this week Tiny Ted has re-emerged from his silence, he has been with our friend Sheryl in The United States, while there he has been attending a few teachers conferences

One in New York (lucky TT) and more recently in Birmingham, Alabama. He has posted these picutres of his travels...

He certainly seems to be enjoying his food again, and is continuing to teach teachers how to use computers.

He has been finding out what teachers talk about while they are at conferences... and what strange things teachers get up to!!!

He has also been finding out how many things there are to learn... and been worried about where he should go next...

As you would expect from such a special bear he has been making heaps and heaps of new friends.

He is now moving on to stay with a teacher over the summer vacation in Alabama, her name is April Chamberlain, I am sure that she will post some fabulous pictures of Tiny Ted's summer in the USA which we will hear about real soon....

Thank you Sheryl for taking such good care of a special bear ( he is really looking well in the pictures). More news on Tiny Ted's adventures will follow...

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