Saturday, April 14, 2007

** Some New Elements **

I found myself sat at the computer and after a bit of blog reading, which is compulsory for all true bloggers. We have the need and desire to check out what's heppening in the world, either via aggregators or just viewing what our friends are up to. As I grow older I sadly find that on a blog viewing journey I tend to forget where I have been!!! My excuse is that being a grandfather twice over I must be gradually losing some of 'the little grey cells' (Hercule Poirot of course). The widget that I did find on my journeys is now on the right side panel - it is a talk gadget which apparently allows people viewing a blog to talk ( I don't know how you are supposed to know if there is anyone listening !!!! as a result ultimately who knows how useful it will be?
I have tried to add a bit of information also on the right panel by adding video's from TED 2006 some are very good and definitely worth a visit and a watch. Added also in order to help my pals in Virginia and Nelson out, are a trio of clocks - which can be quite mesmerising if you watch for too long - so beware.
Just trying to add some 'Bling to my Blog' ( quote from Allana King ) I hope you find the additions useful...

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Anonymous said...

Snap! I registered for the yack pack as well. But there is never any one else in the same place as me at the same time. We will have to set up a time to practice!


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