Saturday, April 21, 2007

Creative ICT Spring Conference 2007- Chorlton, Manchester

Following a tip off from John Johnston (Sandaig Primary) I travelled the 170 odd miles from Gilwern to Chorlton Park Primary School for the Creative ICT Spring Conference organised by John Sutton. I was not alone as the audience was around 30 strong, made up of teachers from Key Stage 1 to Tertiary Education plus sponsors of the event.

We were treated to a range of inspiring presentations which did 'as they said on the tin' particular highlights of the day for me was not just hearing Russell Prue speaking and inspiring us on Child Centred Learning

Which took us on the journey - showing how to use the technology that our pupils are using every day and regain education ownership of it re-directing our pupils and making learning fun for kids - but also seeing Russell in action on the dancemat!!!

Showing how to burn off 4 calories ' the fun way' ( apologies to Russell for the unflattering photograph!!).

Another highlight was the naturally low key but effwctive presentation from Peter Ford ( seen admiring Russell's dancing prowess above)

Peter seen here as in full flow took us again into the world of inspiring pupils to participate in global discussions and online debates using blogs as a means of communication.

Showing teachers how to take control of the ICT curriculum of their school for their own needs rather than being driven by targets from on-high ( many of which are at least 10 years out of date!!! - sorry QCA, DFES and BECTA but you are years behind the game!!) was the role fufilled well by Chorlton Park's Assistant Head Lizzie Wray.

I thoroughly enjoyed what was along day the only downside for me was a lack of wirless connectivity in the main room which meant that I was unable to practice 'real time blogging or even live a live Skype feed from the room. (Note for John for next time wireless access would be handy??)

Apologies for not going into detail on other presenters and sponsors, but as you will appreciate I am sure, it has been a long day. The big thank you to John Johnston for the tip in the first instance and to John Sutton  for being a grand host for the day.

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PaulWill said...

This looked like a really interesting event. I wonder if you know how I would find out if there were any other events like this going on in the uk?

John Sutton said...

Hi Paul, just trying to catch up with some of the stuff written about the conference. Really pleased you could make it. Point taken about the wireless - the school did have wireless in parts of the building, none of which were suitable for a large group! It's something I'll bear in mind next time. I note the comment above from Paul Will. The link on his name doesn't take you anywhere. If you know the guy, feel free to pass on my email/web details to him and I'll keep him in the loop.

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