Sunday, April 01, 2007

** K-8 Education as a Web 2.0 community**

I recorded my thoughts on the possibility of developing K-8 as a 'sidetrack' on the web 2.0 railroad tracks ( after David Warlick 2006). It was following a short Skype IM chat with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach where she suggested it may be more relevant to those of us in Primary (Elementary, Middle School) Education to form an online community to look at applications relevant to those of us in the sector.
I look forward to your thoughts on this...

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Allanah said...

Gosh- it makes you think of just how many web tools that are out there that we can use.

I think also the readability of websites that we may want to access is an issue. If you were able to more easily find sites with text that children at my level (Year Four/Five) can access that would be great.

If I write my own content in a blog or wiki then I have more of an idea that children can read and understand.

K-8 sounds like a pretty good idea from my perspective.

Thank you both for raising the concept.

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