Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cardiff Bay

On Bank Holiday Monday the Harrington Clan made a visit to Cardiff Bay to check out the vibe down by the waterfront. This blogpost is being written directly through Flock thanks to Allanah King in New Zealand who put me and many others onto Flock, after a bit of playing around linking favourites, photo accounts to Flock hopefully it works... here are some views of the Bay and its architecture:

The Millennium Centre. ( base for Torchwood - BBC TV )

The Port Authority Building

The Wall of Water

Roald Dahl has a big connection with Cardiff and the Bay - he was educated at Llandaff Cathedral School and his family worshipped at the Norwegian Church in the Bay where he was christened. There is a plaque to Dahl t the entrance to the old Dry Dock which is now a walkway.

The Bay is also the start of the Taff Trail

A Jazz group play as the sculptures behind them sit and watch.

I hope that you one day may have time to visit this growing part of our capital.

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