Saturday, January 20, 2007

It seems to be one of those days where bloggers from around the UK are beginning to warm to the task. Not only today did I find Ewan's blog fascinating, but then followed this up by following a thread to Tom Barrett's Blog.
Tom has for a while now been blogging about the 'seemingly' insatiable need for Interactive Whiteboards ( the dreaded IWB's - fed by The Powers from Above!!!) in education ( particularly noticeable if you have been to BETT over the past few years where IWB's are everywhere). I know that there are companies out there who can see the drawbacks. ( such as Promethian with their voting handset - and those advocating the use of a mobile wireless tablet as an input interface which can be out amongsat the pupils - not stuck at the front of the class!)
But if you watch Jeff Han's presentation to the TED conference in Monterey I am sure that your mind will immediately begin to see ways in which the touch sensitive interface which he demonstrates can be used within an education setting. It got me thinking immediately about its possible application in Key Stage 1 classes and in classes with learning/motor difficulties where I am sure it would prove extremely useful. I am very grateful to Tom for posting this piece, do take a look and make a comment on Tom's blog I am sure he would appreciate it. Thanks Tom

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