Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cefn Fforest Primary School visit BETT 2007

On Wednesday 10th January - Four pupils from Cefn Fforest Primary School accompanied by Headteacher Mr Nick Gannon and yours truly were invited to attend an awards ceremony for the 2006 Making The News internet journalism Competition. The 4 Year 6 pupils won in the category 'Best Overseas Story', they had organised, filmed and edited an interview with a visitor originally from Nigeria ( it was very fortunate for the pupils that our school recently purchased an Apple MacBook - without it ( and using a PC laptop) the editing process would have been almost impossible within the time).
For their efforts the pupils were invited to London to be awarded their prizes by Warwick Davis ( the diminutive actor who played the lead in the film 'Willow' and more recently Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter films ) - they received a cheque for £100 and a goody bag containing mugs, T shirts among other things. The more exciting day for the pupils was the chance to browse the exhibition floor collecting promotional pens, rubbers and other stationary ( each having gathered at least 40 pens!!!!!) - great sport for all.
From my point of view, I had the chance to do some networking of my own, I had arranged prior to the visit to meet up with Chris Fuller a well known blogger and podcaster in the mfl field ( Chris has most recently been in negotiations with the BBC over its online resources BBC Jam ). It was really good to finally meet up with a 'real live' blogger in the flesh, my pupils had the chance to have a quick chat with Chris before we all had to go our seperate ways and head home. Unfortunately I missed Terry Freedman on Wednesday but I am sure that I will bump into him soon. ( I did visit the NAACE stand Terry however you had not arrived )

Chris made a good point while chatting that he was surprised that there weren't more blogs about BETT 2007, I must admit that I haven't had time to check this out. I believe that apart from Chris, Joe, Terry and myself there must surely be others and I wait to be pleasantly surprised.


Terry Freedman said...

well isn't that just typical! I was probably in a meeting! You should have gone to Naace stand and left your mobile number with someone :-)

Tom Barrett said...

Hi hope all is well - I am interested in doing some work with you with Skype and some classes in school. Let me know if we could arrange something.
best wishes

Anonymous said...

Tom - would you be interested in trying to set up a skype project along the lines of the monsters project mentioned in my latest post - where Y3 pupils give each other instructions for making a 'moving monster' ??? We are planning to use the idea with Kenmore Park First School in Harrow as well.

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