Thursday, January 11, 2007

Having just read Chris Fuller's comments re BETT 2007. I have to mainly agee with his conclusion. The show has for the past few years flattered to deceive namely that you will find what you need to remedy IT in your school within the confines of the show.
I first visited the show 3 years ago as the introduction of Interactive Whiteboards was taking hold - you couldn't move for the things, they were everywhere. It would have been easier to name those who didn't have them. This time I noticed in my 3 hour jaunt that Learning Environments are the name of the game along with complete packages ( at a price!!!) to solve all of your woes.

I am a great believer in making use of the 'free web 2.0' tools and was very interested as Chris was to see how the pay to use services stacked up against our trusty free tools - software manufacturer Softease have come up with an 'easy to use' podcaster Podium an interesting piece of kit but - at a price ( where there are sites such as Odeo and Podomatic and the like which are completely free -and have very large amounts of storage space)
I also checked out podcast hosting services such as Radiowaves who host podcasts in an education community - at a price - I discussed with them funding for a small podcasting club run in school ( the price £999 oh yes for the price apart from the hosting service - a recordable MP3 player plus microphone ) I think that I will stick with my £26 Logic mp3 player and the use of as a 'free' hosting service ( David Noble has also started a free podcast directory, in addition David Warlick also host EPN another 'free' service).

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