Sunday, January 28, 2007

Art Rage 2 - Great news that, on Friday during my PPA Time, this is known as non contact Planning and Preparation Time for Primary School teachers in the UK ( known as my IT Technician Time !!!!!! ) I managed to sort out one problem that has been bugging me, or our reception teachers for some time now.

The 2 classes have been fitted with new Smart IWB's ( a long story of over 40 workmen arriving over a month long period to i) check and find asbestos in the ceiling tiles ii) get asbestos specialists in to drill holes in ceiling iii)IWB installers to find that holes in the wrong place - so go through ii) again. iv) fitters visit v) installers visit vi) configuration visit and Hey Presto 40 gentleman later the 21st Century arrives in the classroom. )
The only problem which remained after this process was getting my local authority IT people in to configure our laptops with the county based intranet ( We have been waiting many months ), on Friday I finally lost my patience and - taking a lead from a current networked PC plugged it into laptop and wall socket - Eureka it worked ( no need for a technician (or is that me ?)

I couldn't wait then to download Art Rage 2 to the laptop and show the reception teacher and her pupils (with a paintbrush - because it is a Smartboard) how easy it is to paint using the whiteboard - I just wish that you could bottle the look of amazement and sheer delight on their faces ( and that was just the teachers :) ).
Next step is to gather all of our staff in this classroom and show them all the wonders of the **Free** art package that is ArtRage2.
My thanks go to Allanah King in New Zealand and Tom Barrett in the UK for introducing me to the software package, it is great for kids of all ages!!
Thanks guys...


Tom Barrett said...

Hi Paul
glad that you are enjoying using Artrage - well worth considering the full license as it is pretty cheap; stacked full of more features (like glitter pens! How cool!) and there is even an educational discount. Very good customer service too.


AllanahK said...

You're welcome. It would be fun to have a smart board in our school to play with too. School starts soon and I will have to start thinking of such things. AK

Blog-man said...

Thanks Tom - I will check my budget!!! I like free things too much sometimes.
Did you get the message re: the problem leaving messages on your blog?

Blog-man said...

Hi Allanah,
Thanks for the message - does this mean that you are back from your self imposed exile??

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