Saturday, January 20, 2007

A big thank you to Ewan McIntosh ( follow link on Blogroll on the right ), for putting me onto Keith's blog . Keith who is based in/near Bristol has worked tirelessly to accumulate information on a range of ICT topics, including a wide and very easy to use -Links Section- (take a look), in addition to the thrust towards Digital Video work which Ewan mentioned in his blog this week from Film Street, who have information on their site for those about to get involved in dv work ( also worth a look for their resources and ideas)

** Look also at Ewan's Blog regarding the need for creating Networks of various types from your immediate local ( school perhaps ) network out to a Worldwide Network. It is also worth reading what Ewan has to say about an authority's need to be proactive in the use of New Web 2.0 Technologies in education. **

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