Saturday, January 13, 2007

**3-Way Skype Conference Call**

For the first time yesterday evening (Saturday morning in New Zealand) 3 teachers, 1 in Harrow North London, 1 in Nelson New Zealand and 1 in Gilwern South Wales - held a 3-way discussion. It was completely unplanned, I had been using the Instant message feature of Skype, as usual to carry on a conversation with Allanah King in New Zealand, when Pam Williams a teacher new to Skype came online for a chat. Unfortunately in Skype when this happens and you go to a full telephone/video conversation each person is put on hold while the others are speaking. The way around this was for us to disconnect and then one of us to start a Skype Conference call and to invite the others in - Hey Presto - a 3 way conversation over Skype.

The discussion was wide ranging among the school topics we are working on at present - namely developing school links. It was a great improvement on the K12 online Skypecast the previous weekend where interference from visitors not linked to the conference is beginning to hinder the conversation. our conference call was secure and clear ( only interrupted by our own telephones and front door bells ringing).
We plan to carry out another conference call soon watch this space...

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