Saturday, August 15, 2009

Warning to all Bubbleshare users!!

The warning came from Techcrunch's Michael Arrington on 13th August that Bubbleshare is now posting the message seen below that before the 15th November you should remove all of your photos from the site as it will cease to exist from that date.Personally this will affect two albums with around 30 images which I have already begun to re home on Flickr - Bubbleshare has suffered from not unfamiliar fate of being bought out by successively bigger fish, ending with Disney on April 2009, however I would agree with Techcrunch that part of the reason for this is usage, see below
I guess that this means that web 2.0 apps are being sorted increasingly now by the business ethic, hence we cannot blame the latest owners on Bubbleshare, we all have to take a portion of the burden as we moved on to other photo sharing apps and found those unique facilities of Bubbleshare were not enough to hold our attention. I suppose that there may be a hope that it may re emerge in a different form under the banner of its new owners...... however in the meantime could I urge everyone to take heed of the warning and remove your resources from

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