Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Save Nabaztag from extinction

I am grateful to Abigail Boak from here in Cardiff for the link to the Save Nabaztag site ( see above) it appears that the word is out and pledges coming in to save the rabbit from extinction - please don't allow this rare breed to go the way of the Dodo pledge!

Remember - A Rabbit is for life not just for Christmas - our Rabbit has a very busy social life as do many others, please do what you can to help.

Sad news from Engadget that OPLY - IB online professional learning's Nabaztag rabbit may be about to become an orphan as his parent company looks to be heading for bankruptcy.
'We always knew that any company courageous enough to take a technology designed to help mega-corps monitor their inventory levels and make it mainstream would face an uphill battle, but we never envisioned Nabaztag caving entirely to the pressure. If a snippet in a recent issue of Les Echos (a French financial paper) is to be believed, the creator of the rabbit-inspired Violet RFID Mirror has filed for bankruptcy, giving any company interested in keeping the brand alive until September 4th to toss out a cash infusion. Not like we're looking at you, Mr. VC, but we're definitely hoping to not be sobbing about this in just under a month. Tick, tock.' Engadget 11/08/09
We all hope that the company can be saved before September 4th for all of the Nabaztag rabitts out there - remember - A rabbit is for life not just for Christmas!

Nabaztag rabbit -good home required

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