Thursday, August 06, 2009

6th August 2009

It has finally arrived - 6th August 2009, this time last year Debbie and I were in New York enjoying our 25th wedding anniversary and Deb's (special birthday). Here we are a year on..... not in New York but at home on a working day..... however we will be visiting the Boonta Too Thai Restaurant this evening with the rest of close family for a celebratory meal, for our 26th anniversary - which this year just happens to coincide with my 52nd birthday this year - this means as the mathematically inclined will see that I have been married for exactly half of my life!!! Now that is really scary.
However they say you are only as young as you feel ( or something along those lines!), how old do I feel ......... mmmmm now that would be telling?

What I would like to say is a very big thank you to Debbie for actually putting up with me for so long, while at the same time being mother to the best 3 daughters that anyone could have ( even the one who left the freezer door open last night defrosting much of the contents!!!!) .

You see there is such a thing as a real life in addition to a second life :-)

I must go now and get myself decent for our meal........ good day dear reader.


Moturoa said...

Congratulations on all your milestones.

Allanah K

mrsdurff said...


Mr Harrington said...

To Allanah King and Mrs Durff - thank you very much for your most welcome messages, they are much appreciated.


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