Friday, August 07, 2009

Brave Bloggers Beware!

The use of new web tools really comes into its own in areas of conflict, as was been seen by the Baghdad Blogger during the first gulf war and more recently protests in Nepal, China and Iran. I think that the world owes these brave individuals a debt of gratitude for their bravery in exposing human rights violations.
It is often the authorities in many of these repressive regimes who react by attempting to turn off the tap, causing mayhem ( and also showing up their reactionary pedigree). A new example is that reported today by the BBC in its Technology News.

'A blogger who was targeted in a co-ordinated attack against websites such as Facebook and Twitter has told the BBC he blames Russia for the assault.
The pro-Georgian blogger, known as Cyxymu, said he had been targeted for "telling the truth about the Russian-Georgian war" in his writings.
The attack caused a blackout of Twitter for about two hours on Thursday.'

The truth will out and new technology makes it more not less likely, it has become impossible to stop.

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