Friday, August 07, 2009

Mobile Podcast 7th August 2009

It was such a lovely morning in Wales, and I had been spurred into an early morning breakfast blog post about the significance of today's date. This prompted me to consider the nature of 'A Blogger' it is an interesting question to ponder and certainly kept me entertained on the journey to work, I hoipe that you enjoy it, please feel free to respond.... remember comments are the life blood of a blog ( many thanks AK for being top commenter)


Moturoa said...

My blog is now rated 22th in all NZ blogs which is really an odd sort of thing as all the political and gossip blogs are included.

NZ Blog Rankings

I haven't posted for a month or so as the weight of my 'day job' weighs me down sometimes.

You have probably forgotten about that sort of thing bu it wouldn't take you long for the memory to return.

I was waiting for the sounds of sirens following along behind you!

It's been a while since we made a podcast too as sometimes it's just all a bit too hard and I want to stick the the quick things.



Mr Harrington said...

Hi Allanah it was a good feeling to just be talking again - it was almost like getting my vioce back. I certainly might try this again, as it takes a lot less editing than a planned, scripted podcast. I also prefer the immediacy of blogging or micro blogging.
How are things going with you? You see just how out of touch I am getting, I seem to spend the bulk of my time talking budgets and processes!! I do miss the good parts of teaching........there are still too many of the others......but I will never say never.

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