Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Podfather returns !!!

After too long away from the microphone The Podfather returns with a short roundup of some EdTech news...... it is really good to be back as an educational podcaster.

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AllanahK said...

Haven't heard your voice in while- good to know you haven't forgotten your humble beginnings.

Made an Animoto to put it to the test. Great to be able to download it to keep and use on your desktop.


Sue tapp said...

Hi Paul Glad to see you are back podcasting again and that it has such an Aussie flavour to it. Thankyou for helping with our first oz educators Flash meeting and for providing me with a way to get booking rights. we had a great first meeting and that has been followed up with a second one with more people attending and Alan Dale came in and did the coaching after hearing about it on Twitter. We will be meeting an hour earlier to help the time difference with the kiwis, but the whole idea is really exciting as we can discuss local issues and network more effectively. Thanks once again and I will look forward to your next post Sue

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