Friday, January 16, 2009

The battle of the swivel headed touchscreen notepads

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With the unveiling of the new Asus T91 swivel screen touchpad mini notepad (no price as yet!)at the  Consumer Electronics Show last week I sense a new benchmark appearing for mini netbooks for 2009. The battle ground  in UK schools will be joined by the Intel Classmate with an in school price of around £260.
Both use the battery saving intel atom chip.
The T91 :

The T91 comes with a swiveling 8.9″ touch screen monitor. It runs an Intel Atom Z520 processor with 1 GB of RAM built in. Asus built both solid state and hard drives into the T91 for a combined capacity of 52 GB.

Asus also included a few first-ever features in the T91. The netbook will be the first to offer both GPS and a TV tuner card built in.

The T91 will ship running Windows XP home and is expected to support Windows 7 once it’s released. Asus has stated that a Linux version is possible, but has not said definitively whether it will offer a Linux version. (

The Intel Classmate :

Screen swivels 180 degrees
Touch screen
Water-resistant keyboard
Built-in rotating camera
Rugged outer case
60GB hard-drive
512MB memory
Pre-loaded software

Source BBC Technology
The classmate as you would expect looks to be more robust and will stand up well to a hard life in the classroom, while the Asus is an unknown quantity on that score - however previous Asus models have been a hit with both teachers and kids.... let battle commence

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