Friday, April 25, 2008

Asus Eeepc 900 - A price too far?

Is the soon to be released Asus Eeepc 900 ( pictured above from Tech Radar review) a step too far - read this excellent review from Tech Radar, now these guys like me and many others ( including a host of teachers and ed techies at BETT08 in January) love the Asus Eeepc 701 ( the 4GB webcam gizmo) and as they say at a price point of around GBP£200 it is a no brainer - since I bought mine for my daughter - Mrs H has found it great for her web shopping while watching the TV astounded by its smallness yet 'bigness', if you know what I mean? Laura who it was bought for has found it great for her AS Level work in school - and managed to convince her schoolmates that it was a pc and not a kids toy! I try to sneakily use it whenever I can find it - which is not very often!
I and everyone have been thoroughly impressed by the machine... so what's new, well admittedly the new 900 has a much improved resolution 9 inch screen, a 20GB flash drive and 1GB of RAM ( with a slower speed than the 701 processor though!) and is slightly thicker than its predecessor - it will now be available in its original Linux format (good) or in Windows format ( greedy on memory - bad!) .... but the clincher for many including their target market - teenagers and schools is the PRICE! With a price point of £330 it has immediatley priced itself with the big boys - Dell Inspirons with larger hard drives, screens and the same, if not better RAM. You can pick up end of line and reconditioned machines for less...... if only they had stayed true to the original models promise and tried to keep the price at around £250 they would have a true winner which would make other manufacturers sit up and really take notice.
I want to buy another of the 701's as I have been without my Dell Inspiron for a month now as daughter 1 has taken it to University for the last 2 months of her degree ( after killing off my Toshiba Satellite in March!) - My big hope Asus is that with the advent of the 900 - your 701's will actually drop in price making them as the Tech Radar reviewers say - even more of a 'no brainer'

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