Friday, January 11, 2008

Teachmeet 2035!!!

Virtually no one in the room ...... but everyone in the virtual room ........ what will the suppliers do??? no bags..... no sweets...... no goodies!!!! Just the people who actually want to be there :-)

It will save many teachers and presenters from becoming exhausted by spending 4 days of their lives trudging around a large hall full of other exhausted people !!!!


David said...

As a virtual attendee of TeachMeet08... can I say that I hope it doesn't go all virtual. Having been at most (all?) of the Scottish TeachMeets, I can confirm that being there is all the fun!

Mr Harrington said...

I agree David - isn't it predictable that amongst those gathered on Friday night, the big buzz was really to be able to meet face 2 face for the first time .... how very human of us!! Virtual just doesn't beat that... says someone now organising online PD Workshops for teachers.

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