Saturday, January 05, 2008

Google Presentations are now Embeddable

Thanks to Twitterpal - Alex Couros ( courosa) for this tip off from WebWare ( Cool Web 2.0 Apps for Everyone).
"The Google Docs team, has posted on their blog about the availability of a few new features for Google Presentations to start off the new year. The most significant of the new features is the ability to embed slide shows in web pages. It's not a surprise that Google decided to go this route, given the huge success of embeddable video with YouTube and other embeddable content around the web." Harrison Hoffman

Here is the collaborative Google Presentation that was amended by a whole host of teachers last year.

To find this go to the Publish option in Google Presentations and you will now see the embedding code which can be copied across into your blog. As you can see below:

I have to agree with Harrison in his article, that to truly move the game on Google need to work on adding to Google Presentations a wider range of add ons which will give a more professional aspect to people's work - however if 12 months ago someone had said, that we would be able to save presentations on the web which could be amended/ added to by colleagues anywhere around the world, I for one would have been sceptical ..... these days we sometimes expect too much :-)

Once again thanks to Alex for the heads up on this one....

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