Friday, January 04, 2008

Heard on the radio.......

I should be concentrating on my reading ( blogs and bloglines.....), but I just heard these and they tickled my odd sense of humour -
BBC Radio 2 - question from Mark in Carlisle :-
Why is the word abbreviation so long?
Why is there only one word for a Thesuarus ?
I know, it takes all sorts, but I was just in the right mood for it too really make me giggle !!!
It is a little like the Uxbridge English Dictionary Terms, from BBC Radio 4's - I'm Sorry I haven't a clue!
( Warning UK humour)
lavish -(def) a little like a toilet.
gravy - (def) cemetery like.
pantry - a place to hang your underwear.
ladish - a chinese vegetable.

Time now to go and lie down - I can't read now! :-)

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lisibo said...

Tickled me too ;o)
Lisa xx

PS like the theme!

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