Thursday, January 03, 2008

Passionately Curious!

I have tried edublogs out a few times before, and have never found it as user friendly as Blogger, but with a new year and new role/responsibilities I thought that the time was right to try again - if it takes off 'Passionately Curious' ( part of an Einstein quote) may well take over from Ddraig-Goch, time and Edublogs permitting, we will see - I tried it out with the live issue of the banning or not of new tech gadgets in schools ..... let me know what you think !
"Thanks to Allanah King who has commented on Twitter before the virtual ink is dry on the post!" I still don't know how that lady manages to be the first to read and comment on blogs - I don't think she sleeps :-).


Moturoa said...

I am not going to comment on this blog post to show you that I don't know how to use an RSS reader.


El ICAB ( Instituto Cultural Argentino Británico) said...

I do not find Edublogs as user friendly as Blogger either... but I think we should try anyway ;)
blogmastericab- Argentina

Mr Harrington said...

lol Allanah K - thanks :-)

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