Sunday, September 16, 2007

Transglobal Edubloggers Meeting 3

Using the Open University's FlashMeeting Video Conferencing site, last night we held the 3rd informal discussion between Web 2.0 enthusiastic teachers. The discussion ranged across a variety of topics from why we blog and podcast, through possible pitfalls with the technology, to Mo-Blogging. I am grateful to all of the teachers who turned up -
Joe Dale (UK), Lisa (Spanish teacher from Sutton Coldfield UK), Kristin Hokanson (US), Joe Thibault (US), Lisa Durff (US), Jo Rhys Jones (UK),Jane Nicholls (NZ), Vinnie Vrotny (US), Allanah King (NZ), Kristian Still (UK),Iain Cook Bonney (NZ)and myself here in Wales.

As you can see from the Skitch screenshot above there was a great geographical spread of teachers. Here you can see this using FlashMeeting's excellent meeting details.
Below is a screenshot taken by Jane Nicholls during the meeting.

Image Courtesy of Jane Nicholls ICTUCAN
The next Skitch image is what the public relay now viewable looks like -
FlashMeeting also allows you to keep an eye on the pattern of viewers of the meeting-

The general feeling among those online last night was that there should be a further meeting, and everyone who wishes to attend is asked to bring along a friend - I will ensure that we are booked for 25 people.
If you need any information about FlashMeeting itself or on how to attend don't hesitate to contact myself, Jane or Joe Dale.

** Plug for Joe - on Saturday 13th October (and on Friday evening where there will be a Show and Tell in a local hostelry) at Nodehill Middle School Joe will be hosting The Isle of Wight ICT Conference. Joe has lined up an excellent group of presenters who will ensure that there is something for everyone - plus heaps of networking opportunities check it out here at Joe's Blog.**


Moturoa said...

Sorry I couldn't stay for a little longer- next time hopefully won't be as rushed!


Iain CB said...

Yes, next time I will be a bit more on the ball too Allanah! Looking forward to the next meeting... it's a great way to get a global perspective on how these tools are being used.

Jane Nicholls said...

Hey Paul
I have quite a few people saying they want to come along to the next flash meeting!!