Thursday, September 13, 2007

Embedded Podcast Audio

With thanks of course as always to the lady with her finger on the pulse of Web 2.0 - Allanah King and her 'Bling for your Blog' blog for her help with the code - the snippet needed to embed the podcast directly into your blog should be in the BOX.NET box in in the right side bar when you read this post - thanks AK you're a star:)
The UnPlug download is a Firefox plugin so beware all of you non-Firefox users it may not work for you.
One tip that I found is that you actually need to be on 'My Podcast Page' that is your actual podcast page before you engage the green frog (UnPlug) as this will then give you your mp3 or mp4/4a url for embedding then simply insert it into the code ( see BOX)

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Bling4yrblog said...

Thanks for the shout out.

That's part of what we were trying to do today. We couldn't get m4a files to upload using that code- only .mp3 and .mov