Saturday, September 01, 2007


A nearly live blog from PodcampUK Birmingham
The above shot was taken on the laptop iSight camera during the first session at PodcampUK when Trevor Dann ( search for podcampuk feeds - sorry no mac mouse!!!)from the Radio Academy gave a session on how Podcasting is just being recognised by 'institutional media outlets' and how liberating that is for Podcasters in the UK.
For the record in the foreground on the left is David Noble (Booruch) and Mark Pentleton(CoffeeBreak Spanish/French).... out of shot to my side was Joe Dale (TES Blog). David Noble deserves special mention as he had travelled down from Dalgetty Bay, Fife in Scotland ..... for the day!!!! ( by Coach).
The reason that it is almost live is that I had planned to live blog including iSight camera shots - unfortunately for me the organisers were streaming live to BlogTV ( and will be tomorrow if anyone wants to see us all in action!!) - this meant that there was such a strain on the network plus a firewall problem that apart from Twitter nothing else was accessible!!!
So live blogging failed unfortunately...... further short tale after a fine evening meal with the above mentioned gentleman - trying to blog from Hotel Room - airport failed to link to a network.... result laptop linked by old fashioned cable.... but hey link is now super fast :)

PodcampUk is an interesting mix of commercial podcasters, educational ( non profit making ) podcasters to newbies..... one great contact for me was Hugh Fraser from Storynory, we have loved listening to the Storynory output for a long while now and it was really good to be able to have an in depth discussion with Hugh.
Thoughts on the first day of PodcampUK - it was excellent to be able to chat with people who not only know what you are talking about with social networking and Web 2.0 tools, but actually know a great deal more than you do..... slight downside as an educator used to timetables is the true Un-Conference time keeping ( especially if you travel from home on the morning for an 8.30am start - and it doesn't actually begin until 10.10 am - one for the organisers next time ?)....
Hopefully more blogging/twitter from PodcampUK tomorrow and remember you can follow the live feeds from the presentation rooms at BlogTv.

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Bling4yrblog said...

Enjoyed listening live from NZ. It was funny how I could recognise your voice and know I was in the right room. It is interesting that voices are so distinguishable.

I bet you to blog about it too.

Thanks for the invite.