Monday, September 03, 2007

School !

This blog may be quiet for a day or two - no bad thing some may say :) As we are back in school and a certain Ddraig-Goch has a lot of setting up and planning to do.... so do bear with us until the first few days are over....... having spent the day throwing stuff out of my room and liberating space - I now have room for at least 2 pc's ( only 1 on the net) side by side in my room... I will post some pictures of the new working space ( with no teacher's desk in it - apparently they are not needed - just wonder where the rubbish will gather, we'll see.

If anyone is interested in coming in on the next FlashMeeting which will be on the 15th September at 10pm UK (16th for Aus and NZ). I am keen that we use the time to perhaps do a round up of new useful tools for Web 2.0 in schools or that we debate how to encourage more schools to join in... I am keen that we move forward from just discussing the merits of FlashMeeting itself again.

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