Thursday, September 28, 2006

Things are definitely looking up. I had approached our 'Friends of the School' (Parents Association) to ask if they could assist with the purchase of an Apple iMac laptop. I want to continue my creatvie IT Digital video and Podcasting in school and have struggled with my slow Dell laptop for long enough - I want to try iMovie and GarageBand. During a meeting on Wednesday evening I am told that the committee have approved my application. I am very excited and you can rest assured that as soon as I get the letter I will be straight onto the supplier to buy the Apple - I can't wait.

Another pebble that I would like to toss into the pond is - Is there a real need for Interactive Whiteboards in Primary Education, beyond the Wow factor ? We are currently looking at purchasing another 3 boards ( £6000 - incl installation) , however I am at a crossroads with IWB's I can clearly see benefits, however I am concerned that technology will move on and they may become expensive White Elephants. For me to say this is a great change in direction, for I have been the champion of the whiteboard in the school for the past 6 years or so... views would be welcomed.


Joseph Papaleo said...

I don't know whether there is a real need for more IWB's in your school when you already have some. If they are located in a general purpose classroom, then everyone has access to them when they require them. Also, how often do Primary teachers use their board? (I ask as a Secondary teacher)
Perhaps, you could combine your laptop issue and the IWB issue at the same time by exploring the use of a Tablet PC or slate computer? I'm using a Tablet PC and it comes in handy when teaching in a classroom without an IWB, but a projector.

Good luck with it all.

Blog-man said...

To answer your question Primary School teachers who have them use them most of the day in one way or another- however much in the traditional chalk and talk way - I was just throwing into the conversation whether there is a better use of our always over stretched resources in order to make an impact in the classroom.

David said...

Have you seen Ian's recent musings on this? I think I would be tempted to go for a tablets and wireless projector solution but perhaps that's a bit radical. However, it could be tricky spending someone else's money on a new and largely untried technology when others are still pushing IWBs.

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