Saturday, September 23, 2006

It was very reasuring to get a positive response to my question regarding spreading the word of web 2.0 from David Warlick on his site (2 cents worth). I was interested in the comments for the posting from Terry Freedman and BlakeJ and Dave himself. I take all of their comments on board - it is very frustrating being relatively early in anew field of communication and wondering how others just plain ' don't get it!'
I realise that it is going to take a great deal of stamina to continue doing the 'stuff' ( podcasts, blogs and digital video ) until everyone else is up to speed. I hope that I have the required stamina - at present this doesn't seem a problem.
The really frustrating point here is that I can clearly see what is being done in other parts of the world ( and Scotland !) and of the eductional benefit to kids. I fear that we are disadvantaging our pupils in the new technological world if we fail to keep up with what's new ( and that is bordering on neglect !!! I feel ).
So I hope that I can get some like minded people together locally to push this forward - I will certainly give it a try - while bearing Terry's advice of making haste slowly in mind ( even though this seems to fly in the face of how fast things are changing )
School will still be there on Monday and 29 students will need teaching how to write and spell ( and how to sharpen their pencils - technology uh ? )


Tom Barrett said...

Hi Blogman - I seem to be in a similar position to you. I am assistant headteacher and Year 6 classteacher from Nottinghamshire and I am just dipping into web 2.0 and realising the massive potential too.
I have started a blog myself to try and articulate some of my seemingly hairbrain schemes I have to do with technology and education.

I will add you to my blogroll.

Blog-man said...

Thank You for your comments Tom - You are ahead of me with the technology I think but i think that we really need to look out for like minded people to carry the posibilities of web 2.0 forward - in order to fully benefit our pupil's futures.

I have added you as a friend

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