Saturday, September 23, 2006

It was good to get a positive response to my plea for help regarding spreading the word of Web 2.0 to my colleagues in school and district ( cluster group of schools). Terry Freedman made the point that being first ( or early) in a field is not always easy, and to make haste slowly - this however is very frustrating, and takes a lot of stamina ( keeping the faith while others gradually catch on ). I hope that I have got that stamina, at present I am very much enthused by what the technology can do for my kids ( in their creative writing - collaborative work ) I hope that I can sustain this amount of effort until everyone else catches on.
I did spend an hour after school with 12 colleagues extolling the virtues of using digital video in the classroom- and plan to lead another session where we will look into audio production - podcasting- using audacity and I hope that I can murture these seedlings of hope and start to get the word out, at least in my own school. I will keep you posted.

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