Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just a quick post this evening firstly to say thank you to Ewan for contacting me, to let me know that there is support out there in the blogosphere - even though one has to become an honourary Scot ( as a Welshman - I'm not so sure about that !!!) but I look forward to being helped by some of Ewan's blog-clan.

While searching around this evening I found 2 interesting resources : first is sir Ken Robinson's lecture to the TED conference give it a watch it is very inspirational ( about what creativity is and how we should nurture it in education

The second is another lecture this time by Judy O'Connell from Australia she dicusses new technology and how our pupils use the technology as part of their life - they don't use the term 'digital age' it's just how they live, and stating that we in education need to pay attention to this fact - a good reasoned arguement worth listening to.
It is already 12.40am and with a full teaching day today !!! Time to call it a day.


Terry said...

You may find this interesting, as it clarifies the thinking behind my comment about making haste slowly:


Joseph Papaleo said...


There's also support out here from other new bloggers (papajo.edublogs.org)- I know Ewan has been blogging for some time.

As a secondary IT and Maths teacher, it is great to see a Primary perspective.

Your tip on Judy O'Connell's site was intriguing. Haven't listened yet, but the podomatic site is interesting.

Good luck with your projects in Wales.


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