Sunday, September 24, 2006

Great news there are other UK web 2.0 educators ( sorry Americanised !!!) out there in the blogosphere. I took a walk down to the village about 1 mile away this morning and on my return I found that I ahd had an e-mail from another teacher Tom Barrett - a teacher from Nottinghamshire. He has been doing some great work with his class, and is particularly interested in the use of GPS in geo-tracking or geo-caching. He has also a Flikr site, this prompted me to upload some of our Summer 2006 onto a Flikr. A link to Tom's blog is is in my list of friends on the left. I have had time to mull over what Terry Freedman said about less haste more speed, I was listening again to Geek-ed episodes 40 and 41, and there they were saying no - we need haste, we need to assimilate the good points of the new technology as quickly as we can - and there's the dilema - haste or no haste - just frustration. I still intend to push forward with my projects through the year - it would be gret to gather a group of 'friends' us in the 'hooked on blogging and podcasting' kind in UK. We can spin ideas off each other - what do you think out there ?
I must say that my podcast of the week must be Smelly Monkeys podcast by a dad and his sons who have great fun and provide good entertainment into the bargain - check it out.

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Ewan McIntosh said...

There are such groups in Scotland already - we had a great time bouncing ideas (and wine) off each other at TeachMeet06 last week: Why not read and leave some comments on some of those teacher blogs and join our community if there isn't one geographically close to you? Would be great to 'hear' from you online.

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