Saturday, January 10, 2009

We meet at last.......

For the first time since 2 classes 13,000 miles apart in 2 different hemispheres began to communicate with each other via podcasts and blogs in October 2006, the 2 instigators of this link actually met. Above is yours truly with Miss Allanah King and below are the pair at a chilly ( you might just be able to tell!! yes it is a chunk of ice that Allanah is holding and it did snow......just!) Caerphilly Castle.
Allanah arrived by train in Abergavenny on Saturday 3rd January 2009 and left with TriciaS (Twitter) for Leicester all too soon on Tuesday 6th January en route for London and on then to Londonderry. Allanah will be departing the UK on Wednesday 14th January and will visit NZChrissy ( Skype) in Bangkok before heading back to Nelson and school.


AllanahK said...

It was really good to meet up and swap gadget stories. Thanks so much for your generosity and hospitality. A highlight of my holiday.

Mr Harrington said...

It was a real pleasure to be able to show you some Welsh hospitality ( sorry we had no vegemite .... I was promised some by the aussies earlier in the year but... none has eyt arrived). I hope that Londonderry was a bit warmer than Wales!
Looking at the diary I see that sadly you are flying back tomorrow - pass on my best wishes to NZChrissy and all at ISB in Bangkok.

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