Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time for new form of education?

Thanks to Alice Barr for this link form her The view from my window blog.
On viewing it seems to say what many of us within education have been saying for quite a while now .... the current education system has failed you, however I do wonder quite what the education system can do to address this - it is a little bit like trying to stop a supertanker.... I feel like a tiny tug which has tried to nudge education in the right direction and I guess that the rest of the edublogger community has been doing the same, but I don't see a change of course as yet?


Allanah K said...

Good to be home- safe and sound and gearing up for another year.

Your post made me think of David's blog here in NZ

httDavid Kinane's Blog

Turning the supertanker- I wonder if you follow him?

Mr Harrington said...

Glad to haer of your safe return - looking forward to February 2nd with mixed emaotions by now I guess??
I will check out David's blog thanks :-)

Mr H

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