Thursday, March 08, 2007

With the added problem at the moment of having to keep any eye on at least 3 time zones ( 2 European plus New Zealand ) - I have decided it is high 'time' we had a visual way in which to keep an eye on Time itself in addition to placing our new friends on a map so that we can picture where they are. This is the start of our display on our New European Projects, we are engaged in 2 - one which has been running for some time and a brand new project being run jointly by ourselves and a school in Nerviano near Milan, Italy ( not on the map yet !!! )


Anonymous said...

What a clever idea. Where did you 'borrow' the clocks from? It looks like a real news room. My iPod has a differnet clocks of the world feature on it. I wonder if there is an Apple Widget for quick time zone finding!

Allanah K

Blog-man said...

Thank you - I borrowed the idea from Jeanne at WOW2.0 I think - I bought the clocks from Tesco (£2.99 each - so didn't break the bank !!!). It certainly helps - We ahve a clock on Tiny Ted's board as well and some of my pupils were commenting about the time in New Zealand which was pretty cool!

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