Friday, March 16, 2007

What a Brilliant Day ( not at the office)

IT Room at ESIS Ty Dysgu Nantgarw Friday 16th March

I had been asked to present at our local authority training day for Primary IT Co-ordinators ( 22 fellow teachers - scary !!!!). My topic was 'Podcasting' so I was playing on familiar ground.
I was presenting after some professionals ( a 2simple software rep and a very kind Espresso rep Heather Carter) so it became more nerve wracking ( plus the pressure of speaking in front of colleagues!!). This was to become more pressured as my laptop decided to freeze ( holding my Powerpoint presentation and my iTunes link with sample podcasts), nothing would persuade it to work!!!!.
I began to think that as they say 'Houston we have a problem!!!' When into the breach stepped Heather the rep from Espresso ( to whom I have to say a huge thank you for her help - plus I must promise to let Heather come to school to demonstrate Esspresso for us ). Heather allowed me to use her laptop which runs Powerpoint, Skype and an internet link - Thank you Heather.
We managed to get through to Allanah King via Skype in New Zealand who discussed her pupils use of, and enthusiasm for Podcasting which worked like a dream ( thanks to Allanah for staying up until 1 a.m. to talk with us ).
It seemed to go well and there was a good discussion after the sessions with a few teachers who just may begin to find their way into podcasting.

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Allanah said...

What can go wrong at some stage will go wrong they say but I'm really pleased it all worked out in the end.

The power and ease of use of Skype is best demonstrated live as it is a pretty awesome piece of technology that is so easy to use and powerful as a connectivity tool.

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