Saturday, March 17, 2007

** New Zealand - is it the centre of the Web 2.0 world in 2007**

It would appear that New Zealand is fast becoming the centre of the New Technology universe, they have had 2 major IT Conferences this year so far - most recently the TUANZ which is still going on across the country having started in Invercargill ( South Island ) on 12th March - ICTUCAN territory, and most recently stopping of in Nelson, before heading off to other locations across the country ending in Whangarei on 28th March ** check out the wiki for details**.
Where Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach was the keynote speaker - Here is Sheryl delivering her Keynote Speech in Nelson on Friday 16th March - much enjoyed by those who heard it, as usual with one of the innovators of Web 2.0 giving pointers to educators thinking towards the use on these tools in our schols and colleges.

Sheryl has become a firm friend of a fellow blogger and podcaster of mine Allanah King, who had the pleasure of showing Sheryl and her daughter some of the sites of Nelson which I am sure was enjoyed by all.
Sheryl has also become the 'keeper' of a small bear called ' Tiny Ted', he is travelling around the world looking at how schools and pupils are working towards their 'Green Agenda'. Tiny Ted will be travelling to the United States hopefully to meet up with enthusiastic groups of pupils and teachers.

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Allanah said...

Tiny Ted has now left the shores of the South Island heading north to our capital, Wellington.

Sheryl will give him a great home for a while and pass him on to another caring person.

It will be quite an adventure. I wish I was going with him.

Sheryl is an awesome presenter and person. It was great to show some of Nelson to her. She is the first American that I have really had the chance to talk with and I have learnt a lot from her.

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