Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar eclipse in action - here in the UK with beautifully clear night skies ( for a change )starting at around 9.15pm. Gradually the shadow of the Earth is gradually working its way across the surface of the moon.

You can't see the reddish glow which was still present at totality on the podcast below, but it does give a short sequence as the eclipse was happening.


Allanah said...

I know I should but I never have understood the whole earth, moon, sun thing and tides are a total mystery to me.

I couldn't be a teacher who stands at the front and delivers bucketfuls of knowledge because I barely understand anything at all.


Richard said...

This whole blog is absolutely superb. I don't know how you manage to keep track of all the wonderfully varied projects that are going on at your school.
I have just looked at my watch and I have somehow misplaced half an hour and there is still more to look at!

Blog-man said...

It's heartening to get feedback Richard, many thanks.

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