Monday, February 27, 2012


This morning was one where I finally managed to spend some quality time with my parents, albeit partly at their local village 'Coffee Morning' which is quite an event for villagers fortnightly - an insight into this event can be seen in the Community Spirit in Action section here.
My youngest daughter came along and was tempted by many items being sold by Wendy Pendry ( today the coffee morning and sale made over £200 for church funds), one in particular was a 1980's Olympus Trip camera.... which she purchased for £5!
This provoked interest of my dad, who worked for many years as a photographer within the Gwent Police, and also had a strong personal love of photography which I believe was sparked by his father. The conversation drifted to old camera's which with dad can lead to a little rummaging in drawers and cupboards. by the time we had walked back to my parents house... rummaging had indeed gone on and on the table for us to look at was the camera below which as you will see is from 1923 -  my father's example requires a little TLC however it does actually have some plate film stock also!
I know that there are a few other camera's in cupboards or attic spaces -
I can recall playing the with camera above ( Boots Field Camera - 1906) in my grandparents house in Cornwall when I was around 10 or 11 - it had its tripod also at that time, my mum believes that it is in the attic also?
Dad's prde and joy for many years was his Leica lensed Periflex 1 (1953) - the xample below has its original Corfield lens .
The Periflex for the time was an innovation in that it has an interchangeable lens with a Leica thread, through lens vision - hence the name, it uses an inverted 'peri'scope as you can see above the lens housing, push the periscope mirror down and look through the lens prior to shooting. On top of the winder is the viewing scope also with a periscopic mirror which pops on top of the viewer.
As you will understand I was very pleased that Laura was showing an interest in a subject so close to her grandfather's  heart :-)

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