Tuesday, February 14, 2012


There was a touch of St Valentine's Day in the air today, from the gift that we received from the local Bel Air Hotel ( sadly no I did not make use of my free cocktail voucher..... I actually headed for the Pathe Bioscope at Scheveningen....

 to see The Decendants, there was a welcome complimentary glass of Champagne for all attendees this evening.
.... my take on the film, I think that it deals with the long loss of someone and the emotions well, it does tend to run slowly with many lingering shots of the beautiful Hawaiian scenerry, and it kind of loses its way when they are searching for the lover....on balance thus far The Artist still holds first place with  The Iron Lady in second, I am looking forward to catching up with The Help and Tinker Tailor..... later this week.

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